The Michelin Star is one of the most seeked and well known appreciations of fine dining. 

The world was taken quite by surprise in July 2016 when a Hawker Stall was awarded 1 Michelin Star for what is well known as a fairly simple dish - Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodles.  

So we knew, we just had to try it for all of you (so you don't have to).

The Liao Fan Hawker Stall is located in the food court of the Chinatown Complex. We went during the normally very busy lunchtime on Friday. It took us a few minutes to navigate through the food court where they serve everything from chicken rice, fried dough sticks to bubble tea. 

Located at a corner we found the stall - and a very long queue! 

We had around 40 people waiting in front of us. By the time we reached our turn after about one hour of waiting we build up quite a decent hunger and I was already #hangrylady. 

The award winning dish still only costs S$2.00 (about USD$1.40), even after winning the Michelin star prices there have remained the same.

The verdict? My personal opinion, the chicken was indeed delicious. The award winning sauce was tasty and the meat was soft and tender. The noodles and rice were standard but what else would you expect.

Would I eat there again? Maybe. It was not necessarily a dish where i feel i need to have it again. Take a look at our video for our full experience at the Hawker Stall:

Although, if you are in Singapore you might as well want to give it a try. If you are not a fan of a long queue, visit the newly opened Liao Fan restaurant where they serve the same dish but in an air conditioned, seating restaurant with service and slightly higher prices that pays for your comfort. 

Leave us your comment if you have been yourself and what you thought of the dish!

Enjoy, Marissa


Liao Fan Hawker Stall: Chinatowm Complex Market & Food Center: 335 Smith Street , Level 2 #02-126 (corner stall) Chinatown

Liao Fan Hawker Chan Restaurant: 78 Smith Street (opposite the Chinatown Complex Market & Food Center) Chinatown